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6 Ways to Teach Kids to be Charitable

In an article in Parents magazine, they offer six ways to help kids to be more charitable. They include walking the walk, making it fun, looking for teachable moments, including giving as part of the family tradition, introducing media that promotes selflessness and setting up a family foundation. These ideas can work both in the… Read More »

Character Education Starts at Home

Causes of Bullying Family and the Electronic Blah Blah Revolution via @ArticlesBase — Character Education (@JustDoTheRight) November 15, 2010

Fundraising for Others

Many schools have fundraisers to raise money for themselves. They might be raising the money for new instruments, for a better cafeteria, for nicer textbooks of for a trip. What many schools don’t necessarily do, however, is create fundraisers to help others. One great idea is for a school to create a fundraiser and to… Read More »