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The Little Ones that Want to Give

Children might not understand the abstract idea of giving money as a way of helping others. To really make an impact on young children, they need to see actions that directly improve the lives of those in need. “It’s hard for kids to grasp that the money is going to, say, buy bread, which in… Read More »

Fantastic A-Z Fundraising Ideas

If your school is considering putting on a fundraiser, make sure to check through this list before you begin. This is an A-Z list that ranks fundraising events and their strength. We’ve listed A-C here. For the complete list, go to A All day event ** Ask your local pub or sports club if… Read More »

Tips to Becoming More Charitable

Here are a few of the many ideas offered by the blog She Knows of ways to help children to become more charitable. These ideas can be used in the classroom or the home. Check out the whole list at: *Adopt a grandparent and visit a local nursing home. Newborns and toddlers can come… Read More »

6 Ways to Teach Kids to be Charitable

In an article in Parents magazine, they offer six ways to help kids to be more charitable. They include walking the walk, making it fun, looking for teachable moments, including giving as part of the family tradition, introducing media that promotes selflessness and setting up a family foundation. These ideas can work both in the… Read More »

Schools That Do It Right with Charity Events

One great way to learn about incorporating charity work into the school is to follow the example of others. Here is a list of schools that are incorporating charity activities into their curriculum and making it work. Below the link is a few words from each school about their program. “The Deanes School has… Read More »

Tweets About a Great Charity

Great feature in the Sunday Express about Greenhouse in case you missed it yesterday…… — Greenhouse Charity (@_Greenhouse_) October 21, 2013