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Show You Care: The Kids Will Get the Message Loud and Clear

There is no question that advanced telecommunications has made the world a much smaller place. There is no famine, earthquake or war that takes place anywhere in the world that we don’t know about. And, as a consequence of our knowing, we want to help. Teaching our children the value and beauty of giving to… Read More »

Race Night at Your School

One great fundraising event to do through a school is a race night. As Fundeo explains, “Hold a race night event. A Fundeo race night is very easy to organise and great fun it makes a great social event too. It can be run as a family event, or as an ‘adults’ only night –… Read More »

Many Ways to Show Your Children It’s Easy to Give

There are many ways we educate our children, and most of those ways to not involve sitting behind classroom furniture. Rather, they are actions we take to show what is important to us. Here is a list of some things parents can do to teach their children the value of giving. • Donate Clothing: Periodically… Read More »

Haircuts for Charity

Many schools, when they think about raising money or helping out a cause, they have traditional ideas. They create a bake sale or they have a food drive. There are many other, and very creative, ways to show students how to help others. Here is one idea that could really help people. The school can… Read More »

Character Education Starts at Home

Causes of Bullying Family and the Electronic Blah Blah Revolution via @ArticlesBase — Character Education (@JustDoTheRight) November 15, 2010

Fundraising for Others

Many schools have fundraisers to raise money for themselves. They might be raising the money for new instruments, for a better cafeteria, for nicer textbooks of for a trip. What many schools don’t necessarily do, however, is create fundraisers to help others. One great idea is for a school to create a fundraiser and to… Read More »

Creating Empathy in Students

In society in general today, children are not as empathetic as they used to be to the needs of others. While some schools see their role in the classroom purely as one of educating students about the material, other school see themselves as educating the entire person. This means that they want to raise the… Read More »

Teaching Beyond Self

When it comes to teaching children behavioral and developmental skills in the classroom, both parents and teachers should assume the responsibility together. While parents need to take an active role in the matter, they should still get the input of teachers. Part of what this means – from the parents – is through action. When… Read More »

Working Out for Charity

Look at the interesting work out charity that this school created: The first S.O.S. Charity Fundraiser Workout for the 2013-2014 school year started out with a bang. Although we didn’t meet our record in number of bodies working out or money raised, it was our SECOND highest amount raised during one workout compared to… Read More »