Fundraising for Others

By | May 16, 2013

Many schools have fundraisers to raise money for themselves. They might be raising the money for new instruments, for a better cafeteria, for nicer textbooks of for a trip. What many schools don’t necessarily do, however, is create fundraisers to help others. One great idea is for a school to create a fundraiser and to designate a charity where all of the funds will be sent. It’s even better if this is a charity that students can visit to see the needs, and can then return to with the money themselves.

There are thousands of charities that need help and the school can look into the various locale projects that they might want to use. Then, in order to brainstorm charity ideas, the school can give the students a few options. Here are some ideas for raising funds:

1. School car wash: Students work after school or on the weekend and advertise that they will be washing cars.

2. Bake Sale: Students set upfolding chairs during the school breaks or after school and sell baked goods that they make themselves.

3. Used clothing drive: Students bring clothes to school that they no longer wear and then have a sale of these clothes using their school furniture to display the items.

These are a few of the many ways that schools can start incorporating more charity work into their teaching.