It is Always the Right Time to Teach About Charity

By | February 18, 2014

Whoever thinks that children learn best sitting at their school desks did not see a parent

The Joy of Teaching to Give

The Joy of Teaching to Give

who can make every moment a learning opportunity. For instance, if you want to teach your children about the importance of giving charity, all you have to do is take your child into any large city center, shopping mall or other public place where people gather. Chances of seeing a homeless person are unfortunately high.

Explain to your child or children how it came to be that someone is without a home, and be sure to give this person some money to help ease his way.

Another place to learn about giving is by visiting an elderly person, either in an old age home, or at a community center which organizes activities for senior citizens. Become friends with an older person; find out about his/her life. You may find that you and your children have made some new friends.

Find a chance to discuss with your children how important it is to reach out to people who are in need.

“The idea isn’t just to sensitize your child to some of the pain and suffering in the world, but to give her the great gift of thinking that she has the power to help make it better.”