Organizing School Food Drives

By | February 18, 2013


One very popular school charity project is food drives. Children are told to bring canned food from home to donate to a cause. Prior to that, meetings are held to discuss the cause and get the children excited about the project. One way of encouraging the children is by having a contest – the class that collects the most cans gets a prize for the efforts (or the individual in the class, depending on how the project is organized).

One way of starting the project is to invite the students to the assembly room, putting out a school desk for each person or a computer table for a few to have them all sit comfortably enough to pay attention and even have some fun entertainment before the project is discussed. To facilitate the food drive, a charity should be chosen that can provide the school with a container to hold all the items and will also collect them at the end of the drive.

There are two main issues to consider when planning such a project. First, that the children get excited by the project and second, that it is well organized and the charity with which the school has chosen to work, is accommodating as much as possible.