Haircuts for Charity


Many schools, when they think about raising money or helping out a cause, they have traditional ideas. They create a bake sale or they have a food drive. There are many other, and very creative, ways to show students how to help others. Here is one idea that could really help people.

The school can have a hair cutting drive. This could be done in one of two ways or both ways. They could bring in a parent who knows how to cut hair and have a day when the kids can all get haircuts at reduced rates. The money from the haircuts would all go to charities or one charity of the students’ choice.

Another amazing idea is to have haircuts for cancer patients. There are organizations that enable people with long hair to get their haircut for a wig. The hair is turned into a beautiful wig for a child with cancer and the person knows that she has given her hair to something really meaningful. There are places like Locks for Love and Wigs for Kids that allow you to participate in this worthy cause.

Fantastic A-Z Fundraising Ideas


If your school is considering putting on a fundraiser, make sure to check through this list before you begin. This is an A-Z list that ranks fundraising events and their strength. We’ve listed A-C here. For the complete list, go to

All day event **
Ask your local pub or sports club if they can arrange a 24-hour sponsored fundraising event such as darts, squash or bridge.

Auction of Promises ***
Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings. You can even ask people to donate themselves as ‘slaves for the day’!

Bad hair day **
Hold a bad hair day event and collect a donation from everyone that takes part.

Bag it up *****
Simply ask your local supermarket if you can bag customers’ shopping and ask for a donation for your service. This is a great fundraising idea if you have many young hands at your disposal whose time you do not need to cost out. For example it’s a perfect fundraising event for a scout or guide group, or a school.

Bingo Night *****
Organise a Fundeo bingo night event. They are easy to organise and a great fun idea. Charge an entrance fee and get friends and businesses to donate prizes. With a Fundeo Bingo pack it’s very easy. You just play a DVD and our talking parrot runs the show. Then just pause and award a prize with each ‘line’ or ‘full-house’. Our website tells you how to do it.

Bad taste day **
Ask colleagues or friends to go to work in their worst tie or most bizarre clothes. If they refuse, get them to pay a fine.

Baking day **
Ask someone to help you and your friends bake some cakes. Then hold a bake sale at your work, club or school. You can store the baked goods in your school lockers and then sell items during the school breaks.

Barbecue Party **
Hold a charity barbecue party event and charge people to come.

Book Sale **
Dig out all those old books and have a book sale event at home or at work.

Car Boot Sale **
Get together with friends and family and clear out unwanted items from your garage, cupboards or loft, then sell them at a car boot sale.

Coffee Morning ***
Get all friends together and have a coffee morning event.

Cheese and Wine **
Hold a cheese and wine party and charge people to come.

Caption Competition ***
Run a caption competition on pictures taken from your last party and collect donations from your entrants.

Car treasure hunt **
Ask someone with local knowledge to set questions so that people have to explore their local area. It’s a great way of finding out more about where you live.

Culture evening **
Get together with friends, family & neighbours for an evening event with singing songs, playing an instrument, reciting poems, telling jokes or any other ideas.

Car Cleaning ****
Get together with your friends to clean the cars in your neighbourhood for a fee. Or clean the cars in the school car park during lunch hour. Great if you have a team of young people prepared to donate their time.

Tips to Becoming More Charitable

Here are a few of the many ideas offered by the blog She Knows of ways to help children to become more charitable. These ideas can be used in the classroom or the home. Check out the whole list at:

*Adopt a grandparent and visit a local nursing home. Newborns and toddlers can come along to provide company and lots of hugs. Older children can read with the residents and put on plays or skits.

*Volunteer to water or start a garden at a senior center.

*Organize a food drive in your neighborhood. Even small children can help deliver and collect bags.

*Many charities request local residents to send pledge sheets to the neighbors. Let the kids stamp, label and deliver the sheets.

*Organize a toy, book or clothing drive. Have the kids chip in by donating some of their unused toys and outgrown clothing.

*Help your children write letters and draw pictures to mail to the elderly or others in town who are not able to get out much.

*Volunteer to read to the blind. Let older children read while the younger ones cuddle and turn pages.

*Walk, brush, feed and clean pets at a rescue shelter.

*Spend some time volunteering at a food kitchen. Let the kids help fix plates and clear the tables.

*Work together to make baked goods as a donation to a church, community or charity fair.

6 Ways to Teach Kids to be Charitable


In an article in Parents magazine, they offer six ways to help kids to be more charitable. They include walking the walk, making it fun, looking for teachable moments, including giving as part of the family tradition, introducing media that promotes selflessness and setting up a family foundation. These ideas can work both in the school and in the home. For more information, check out the whole article at:

Fundraising for Others

Many schools have fundraisers to raise money for themselves. They might be raising the money for new instruments, for a better cafeteria, for nicer textbooks of for a trip. What many schools don’t necessarily do, however, is create fundraisers to help others. One great idea is for a school to create a fundraiser and to designate a charity where all of the funds will be sent. It’s even better if this is a charity that students can visit to see the needs, and can then return to with the money themselves.

There are thousands of charities that need help and the school can look into the various locale projects that they might want to use. Then, in order to brainstorm charity ideas, the school can give the students a few options. Here are some ideas for raising funds:

1. School car wash: Students work after school or on the weekend and advertise that they will be washing cars.

2. Bake Sale: Students set upfolding chairs during the school breaks or after school and sell baked goods that they make themselves.

3. Used clothing drive: Students bring clothes to school that they no longer wear and then have a sale of these clothes using their school furniture to display the items.

These are a few of the many ways that schools can start incorporating more charity work into their teaching.

Creating Empathy in Students

In society in general today, children are not as empathetic as they used to be to the needs of others. While some schools see their role in the classroom purely as one of educating students about the material, other school see themselves as educating the entire person. This means that they want to raise the children’s level of behavior, how they care for others, and how they interact as citizens at large.

To this end, many schools today have created charity programs to educate children about those who are less fortunate and to offer concrete ways to help. These programs include character education, charity work, group discussions and more.

A few ways to inspire students to think of others include:

1. Having inspirational speakers come to the school. These could be speakers who had difficult childhoods but have pulled through and succeeded in life.

2. Create a food drive or other event at the school to help those less fortunate. These could be a toy drive, food drive, clothing drive, etc.

3. Activity day: Take the students to a soup kitchen to hand out food or to a place that packages food for the needy. There, they often have cafeteria tables where they lay out all of the food and the students package it into small containers for families. Sometimes these activities are done in churches and the church furniture would be used as the staging ground.

Many of these ideas are active and engaging. They allow the students to show empathy while physically doing something to help.

Schools That Do It Right with Charity Events

One great way to learn about incorporating charity work into the school is to follow the example of others. Here is a list of schools that are incorporating charity activities into their curriculum and making it work. Below the link is a few words from each school about their program.

“The Deanes School has a strong history of supporting Charities and raising large amounts of money through fund raising. Our students diligently apply themselves to helping less fortunate people and embrace each challenge with enormous enthusiasm.”

“Charity events are part of life at Kingshott. We are proud of the contribution that pupils and their families make to a wide range of events that are organised at house, year group and the whole school level. Each year approximately £6500 is distributed to a range of causes. It is arguably of equal importance that our pupils have learnt first-hand about the objectives of a range of causes. This exposure for some will act as a catalyst for lifelong support of a particular cause. We welcome representatives from a range of charities each year to contribute to the PSHE programme and to attend different events that are organised.
Our charity work helps our pupils to
• develop an awareness of the need in the local, national and international settings
• respond to identified needs both as individuals and as groups
• support (and at the top end of the school organise) a range of events that generate funds for a designated cause
• develop a sense of community”

“Each academic year a pupil is appointed Head of Charities, with a pupil representative from each House on the Charities Committee. Over the course of the year each House organises fundraising events for their chosen charity. “

Teaching Beyond Self


When it comes to teaching children behavioral and developmental skills in the classroom, both parents and teachers should assume the responsibility together. While parents need to take an active role in the matter, they should still get the input of teachers. Part of what this means – from the parents – is through action. When they behave in a way fitting to society, hopefully the child watching it will do likewise. In situations whereby the school is reporting that the child is not behaving appropriately, there needs to be 3-way discussions between the student, parent and teacher to see how this can be rectified.

According to Director of Character Education at Santa Clara University, Steve Johnson, historically schools have had the following three priorities vis-à-vis what they wish their students to leave with. These are: skills, knowledge and character. As educators, it is always a focus to help students build character.

This could come in a variety of forms. First, students can be taught to look out for their peers who seem to be struggling. Whether they are encountering social or academic challenges, for those who are not facing such difficulties, to notice this and offer help is a good idea. In addition, sometimes children can be asked by teachers to implement challenging physical tasks. So if a student sees another one struggling to clear away podiums or trying to set up a gymnasium for an event then they should automatically make themselves available to help.

It is also important to note that the way in which a student offers a peer help is indicative of his/her character. If they offer the help in a patronizing way, they may as well refrain from putting out the offer. But if they do it in a way to make the student feel like they are both participating in something as a joint project, then this is a great way of developing positive character traits.

Working Out for Charity

Look at the interesting work out charity that this school created:

The first S.O.S. Charity Fundraiser Workout for the 2013-2014 school year started out with a bang. Although we didn’t meet our record in number of bodies working out or money raised, it was our SECOND highest amount raised during one workout compared to last school year!! Wahooo, we raised $440 with the help of our generous clients and guests. We are well on our way to helping more schools with more money this year!