What is a Kids Care Club?

By | December 5, 2013
Create a Kids Care Club in Your Neighborhood

Create a Kids Care Club in Your Neighborhood

What an idea! To create a club for kids where the emphasis is on how the members can help others in their community. Members of Kids Care Clubs often begin volunteering as young as pre-school age. Activities are suited to children from age five until thirteen, and by joining the network of Clubs they will receive all the information and resources needed to get involved and stay involved.

After spending the entire day surrounded by school furniture, children are excited and motivated to join with their friends and concerned adults to get out into the community and help. Using schools, religious institutions and community centers, Kids Care Clubs organize those that want to help into vibrant, active groups which can accomplish much more than individuals on their own. At the moment there are over 1,800 registered Clubs with 80,000 active children in the US, Australia, China, Canada and Nepal.

Every month Kids Care Clubs post on their website different service projects that need doing. The projects come with step-by-step instructions, issues education, activities for meetings, and more resources and information about potential partners. The projects span the gamut of today’s most pressing issues such as: literacy, hunger, poverty, illness, and elderly or important yearly milestone days like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Earth Day; and Veteran’s Day.