Your Kids Really Do Care

By | November 21, 2013
children can be taught to give

children can be taught to give

There are other places to learn lessons than sitting in school chairs. Perhaps the best place to learn the importance of giving charity is at home. Since most children are born with an innate sense of compassion and charity, it should not be too hard to get the message across that it’s an essential part of life to give of yourself to others less fortunate.

Unfortunately there is so much to distract us from the act of giving that this lesson can be hard to share. Today it seems our children are more focused on the latest electronic gadgets, stylish clothing and yummy treats than they are on the essentials that other people are lacking. But check it out: See if your 2-year old does not try to comfort a crying baby with a soft toy, or your 5-year old helping his friend who just got into a fight with the playground bully.

“Children naturally look for ways to make a contribution and help others,” says Deborah Spaide, founder of Kids Care Clubs, a national organization based in New Canaan, CT, that provides information on community-service projects for youngsters. “But just as we give our children opportunities to use their legs when they’re learning to walk, we need to give them opportunities to exercise their charitable muscles so they become really good at giving too.”