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Many Ways to Show Your Children It’s Easy to Give

There are many ways we educate our children, and most of those ways to not involve sitting behind classroom furniture. Rather, they are actions we take to show what is important to us. Here is a list of some things parents can do to teach their children the value of giving. • Donate Clothing: Periodically… Read More »

Haircuts for Charity

Many schools, when they think about raising money or helping out a cause, they have traditional ideas. They create a bake sale or they have a food drive. There are many other, and very creative, ways to show students how to help others. Here is one idea that could really help people. The school can… Read More »

Fantastic A-Z Fundraising Ideas

If your school is considering putting on a fundraiser, make sure to check through this list before you begin. This is an A-Z list that ranks fundraising events and their strength. We’ve listed A-C here. For the complete list, go to A All day event ** Ask your local pub or sports club if… Read More »

Tips to Becoming More Charitable

Here are a few of the many ideas offered by the blog She Knows of ways to help children to become more charitable. These ideas can be used in the classroom or the home. Check out the whole list at: *Adopt a grandparent and visit a local nursing home. Newborns and toddlers can come… Read More »