Haircuts for Charity

By | June 17, 2013


Many schools, when they think about raising money or helping out a cause, they have traditional ideas. They create a bake sale or they have a food drive. There are many other, and very creative, ways to show students how to help others. Here is one idea that could really help people.

The school can have a hair cutting drive. This could be done in one of two ways or both ways. They could bring in a parent who knows how to cut hair and have a day when the kids can all get haircuts at reduced rates. The money from the haircuts would all go to charities or one charity of the students’ choice.

Another amazing idea is to have haircuts for cancer patients. There are organizations that enable people with long hair to get their haircut for a wig. The hair is turned into a beautiful wig for a child with cancer and the person knows that she has given her hair to something really meaningful. There are places like Locks for Love and Wigs for Kids that allow you to participate in this worthy cause.