Tips to Becoming More Charitable

By | June 12, 2013

Here are a few of the many ideas offered by the blog She Knows of ways to help children to become more charitable. These ideas can be used in the classroom or the home. Check out the whole list at:

*Adopt a grandparent and visit a local nursing home. Newborns and toddlers can come along to provide company and lots of hugs. Older children can read with the residents and put on plays or skits.

*Volunteer to water or start a garden at a senior center.

*Organize a food drive in your neighborhood. Even small children can help deliver and collect bags.

*Many charities request local residents to send pledge sheets to the neighbors. Let the kids stamp, label and deliver the sheets.

*Organize a toy, book or clothing drive. Have the kids chip in by donating some of their unused toys and outgrown clothing.

*Help your children write letters and draw pictures to mail to the elderly or others in town who are not able to get out much.

*Volunteer to read to the blind. Let older children read while the younger ones cuddle and turn pages.

*Walk, brush, feed and clean pets at a rescue shelter.

*Spend some time volunteering at a food kitchen. Let the kids help fix plates and clear the tables.

*Work together to make baked goods as a donation to a church, community or charity fair.