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Programs to Create Savvy Philanthropists

Programs are popping up in North America and the UK which educate children and teens about evaluating charitable causes before donating money to them. The programs, which teach students while they are sitting at their school desks, are designed to infuse students with a philanthropic outlook which will force charities to become more efficient, transparent,… Read More »

Each One Can Teach One at this Cool Site

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What is a Kids Care Club?

What an idea! To create a club for kids where the emphasis is on how the members can help others in their community. Members of Kids Care Clubs often begin volunteering as young as pre-school age. Activities are suited to children from age five until thirteen, and by joining the network of Clubs they will… Read More »

Fun Video to Teach Kids About Charity

This video explains why in the case of teaching about charities and the importance of giving with our children, discussing the issue frankly works better than role modeling.

Your Kids Really Do Care

There are other places to learn lessons than sitting in school chairs. Perhaps the best place to learn the importance of giving charity is at home. Since most children are born with an innate sense of compassion and charity, it should not be too hard to get the message across that it’s an essential part… Read More »

Show You Care: The Kids Will Get the Message Loud and Clear

There is no question that advanced telecommunications has made the world a much smaller place. There is no famine, earthquake or war that takes place anywhere in the world that we don’t know about. And, as a consequence of our knowing, we want to help. Teaching our children the value and beauty of giving to… Read More »

Race Night at Your School

One great fundraising event to do through a school is a race night. As Fundeo explains, “Hold a race night event. A Fundeo race night is very easy to organise and great fun it makes a great social event too. It can be run as a family event, or as an ‘adults’ only night –… Read More »

Many Ways to Show Your Children It’s Easy to Give

There are many ways we educate our children, and most of those ways to not involve sitting behind classroom furniture. Rather, they are actions we take to show what is important to us. Here is a list of some things parents can do to teach their children the value of giving. • Donate Clothing: Periodically… Read More »